What is NWEEG?

The North West Employee Engagement Group (NWEEG) will be back for 2019 with the vision to encourage and help businesses across the North West of England to engage better with their staff, their customers and their stakeholders.

The Group, founded in 2014, is the only employee engagement group that connects HR professionals and business leaders with engagement specialists and peers, who are faced with the similar challenges and obstacles of effectively engaging their people each day.

The overarching purpose of this group is simply to help make the North West of England the very best place to work. We do this by presenting evidence, skills and real-life practical experiences of how business leaders have successfully engaged with their teams and subsequently improved their business as a result.

Is NWEEG For Me?

Whether you are a seasoned employee engagement expert, want to know more about best practice or simply wish to widen your HR network we would be delighted to welcome you to our dynamic and worthwhile events.

Because HR is constantly evolving, we believe it is vital for people to come together and find out more about the various challenges that organisations face when setting out an engagement strategy.

Our events cover key engagement topics, why there is a need for employee engagement and explore how exemplary businesses have created a hugely productive workforce that feel valued and integral to the organisation’s success.


Inspiring Employee Engagement

NWEEG Ambassadors

To find out more about becoming a Ambassador please contact Eleanor on
07895 559041 or eleanor@nweeg.co.uk

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