The North West Employee Engagement Group (NWEEG) gathered at Ribby Hall Village on the 17th May for their annual conference with a new line up of expert speakers and more delegates than before. 250 Business leaders and HR professionals heard from employee engagement specialists, learned from best practice case studies and took part in interactive experiences during the day.  With the sole intention of helping their businesses and the North West become the best place to work in the world.

The day began with NWEEG CEO’s, Steve Smith’s Welcome speech. Then the two key-note speakers Andrew Thorp and Glenn Elliott, and the Headline Sponsor, Daniel Thwaites PLC.

Steve delivered some staggering statistics from the Best of the North West survey that NWEEG provided to all our members this year. This survey indicated that 1.3 million people in the North West are not inspired by the leaders of our businesses.

Andrew spoke about the power of Storyselling and the three-layered cake. This amazing sales tool revolutionises how a person can deliver their story whether they are selling internally or externally. This tool allows people to become emotionally involved with the company, therefore increasing sales and engaging people more effectively.

Neli Ciobanu, Group Talent and Learning Partner at Thwaites told us about the inspirational way they created their new Guiding Principles and the way that they relayed these to their people and used them to create a brand new behavioural framework based on the Principles.

When discussing the ‘Engagement Bridge’ Glenn stated that whilst pay, benefits, workspace and wellbeing are very important to a company’s survival; there are other things such as communication, people buying in to the purpose, mission and values, leadership and management, the structure of a person’s job, learning and development of people and recognition, that will help drive engagement levels better.

In the afternoon we had the NWorkshops (NWEEG Workshops). There was 9 NWorkshops running discussing various topics such as Workplace Wellbeing, the Apprenticeship Levy, The Engagement Evolution, Velcro cultures and many more exciting topics. These were led by our Ambassador companies; Anthem, Instep, Napthens, Martin Brower, Westfield Health, Ipsativity, Daniel Thwaites, Veka and MGF.

Here is what our delegates thought of the day:

“It was reassuring to know our business is doing the right things and facing the same challenges along the way as others in relation to employee engagement.”

“Engagement needs to be believed in ‘at the top’ for it to truly work within a business”

“I think the range of speakers/ sessions at this year’s conference was very good.”

“I think the spirit of the organisation is good and I did leave felling more inspired to reach out to other NW organisations for support etc,”

“Bringing likeminded people together in non-threatening forum – always very friendly – not just the leadership team but the members are too. The speakers are always top quality and time spent at a NWEEG event is always a good investment of that time. I think this is the only group that is covering Engagement as its main purpose.”