Location: GREAT PLACES HOUSING GROUP, 2A DERWENT AVENUE, WEST DIDSBURY, MANCHESTER, M21 7QP Dates: 17th April 2019 - 09:30 - 12:00

Every year brings new developments to the world of Learning and Development and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with trends from personalized learning paths to gamification.

Most professionals know that training is essential for team success. But many don’t take the time to understand team members’ individual needs, even though it is the only way to ensure that their people have the skills and knowledge they need to perform well and meet their objectives. Too often, companies limit training and development to new hires and to people moving into new roles. This is a mistake, because ongoing training helps people adjust to changing job requirements. It also creates a pool of qualified and available people, who are ready to step into new roles as your organisation needs them.

Done properly, this will ensure that you achieve your objectives and improve your competitive position. In this session, we will look closely at many elements of the L&D ecosystem and the pitfalls and the benefits of on-the-job training, instructor-led training, online training and e-learning, cross training, mentoring and coaching.

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