Location: PRESTON’S COLLEGE, ST. VINCENT’S ROAD, FULWOOD, PRESTON, PR2 8UR Dates: 13th November 2019 - 08:30 - 11:00

Employers need to be aware of employee turnover rates in their organisation and understand how these affect the organisation’s performance and ability to achieve its strategic goals. Tools such as confidential exit surveys can help managers to clearly understand why people leave the business and enable appropriate action to be taken to address the reasons. Measuring the levels and costs of employee turnover is vital in building the business case to inform recruitment and retention initiatives.

There will come a time when either the employee wishes to leave of his/her own accord – because of a new job offer, relocation, retirement, caring responsibilities or other reasons – or the employer may wish to terminate the relationship due to poor performance or other issue.

In this session we’ll take you through all aspects of employee turnover; including resignation, redundancy, dismissal and retirement. We’ll look at ways of measuring turnover as well as understanding the true cost of losing employees.

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