On Monday 10th July 2017, around 100 people gathered at Thwaites’ Cottons Hotel & Spa for the latest NWEEG Event – Strategies to Impact Engagement Across Your Organisation.

Our first presentation was delivered by the Thwaites Team; Jo Carlin, Sam Thomas and Steve Ogden. Their presentation looked at engagement on three levels, how the HR team impacts engagement, how the Internal Comms team can impact engagement and the effect engagement has on their employees. From the feedback we have received, the favourite part of this presentation was the post-it note exercise. Working with the people in the room with us, this exercise helped us to look at what we think the problems are in our company, what data we have available to us and who could help us. It is safe to say that I am a cheerleader, not a vampire for the Thwaites Team.

The second presentation was delivered by Team Scancapture; Steve Smith and Andrew Henderson. We took a journey and explored the origin of Scancapture, from Steve at sixteen, acting like Grange Hills, Pogo Patterson to Steve now who has completed over 1.8 million surveys and is looking at re-branding the company. Like Thwaites, the Team gave us a lot to think about regarding our own companies, such as how the Four Enablers of Engagement can be used to aid improvement. Steve and Andy’s humour seemed to be the talking point of their presentation though. They made a presentation on a serious topic, fun and relatable.

Altogether I thought that the event went brilliantly! Great insights, a great atmosphere and a great group of people. But you don’t need to take my word on this – take a look at what some of the attendees said about the day.

  • “Great speakers at the event, found it very useful. Great to hear other people’s experiences. Looking forward to the next event”
  • “My first visit as a guest and thoroughly enjoyed the event, everything about it was very professional”
  •  “I loved Steve’s presentation!!! Hate to admit it but he IS funny!”
  • “Finding out that other companies are also facing similar issues and finding a way to work through these at the same time.”
  • “I thought both of the presenters were brilliant – Professional and entertaining”
  • “Engaging, Humour, Fun. It does not take itself too seriously, although the subject is a serious matter.”
  • “The speakers – they were fantastic! Really engaging and really gave you something to think about. Steve in particular was fantastic. It was also great to hear from other companies such as Thwaites, about how important engagement is in the workplace and how they had turned this around in such a short space of time.”