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the North West Employee Experience Group

The North West Employee Experience Group (NWEEG) is the North West’s premier business community dedicated to the goal of making the North West the best place to work in the world, by sharing experiences and learning from each other.

Headed by CEO Steve Smith, an experienced engagement pioneer and survey expert with over 2 million surveys processed over the past two decades, Steve’s vast experience and portfolio of studies has made him a leading authority on how engagement can improve productivity, performance and profitability.

NWEEG is the only employee experience group that connects HR professionals and business leaders with engagement specialists and peers, all of whom are faced with the similar challenges and obstacles of effectively engaging their people and employees.

… NWEEG conferences are the most dynamic and effective events I have ever attended!

NWEEG is a series of challenging, fun and friendly workshop conferences dedicated to help business leaders get more from their workforce

  • 3 award-winning full day professional Conferences
  • 1 NWEEG Celebration Awards – a glitzy black-tie extravaganza
  • 9 Special Interest Groups focussed on specific engagement topics such as Employee Well-Being, Engaging Remote Workers, Engaging The Shop Floor, Engage Your Salespeople and Getting Leadership Buy-In To Engagement.

The purpose of NWEEG is to make the North West the best place to work in the world. Our aims are to connect HR professionals and business leaders with engagement specialists and peers through our now quarterly conferences and special interest groups.

2019 saw the introduction of a number of new improvements, as suggested by NWEEG members, and further changes and improvements are set to be introduced over the coming months, with 2020 looking set to be a very exciting year indeed.

We need you to get involved!

WHY join nweeg?


Connect with like-minded people in similar roles and establish great business relationships.


Gain unrestricted, personal access to specialist NWEEG skills and employee engagement tools.


Share knowledge and experience of best practice and engagement techniques with others.


Mentor and be mentored in NWEEG’s Business Exchange Programme. Let’s help each other.

What’s new for 2022?

2022 is set to be a very exciting year for NWEEG with lots of exciting new changes and improvements set be rolled out over the coming months.

  • Full day Conferences
  • More Member-Chosen Special Interest Group events
  • Never-seen-at-NWEEG-before professional Keynote Presenters
  • 6 x Interactive NWorkshop sessions at each Conference
  • NWEEG Awards to be a stand-alone event as a black-tie gala ceremony
  • Option to bring guests from a non-member organisation to Special Interest Groups
  • NWEEG Engagement Tool – your personalised workbook and online course
  • NWEEG Member Exchange option – to build buddy/mentoring relationships
  • New venues used across the North West

what’s staying the same?

With the new changes and improvements we hope to build on our current format and grow NWEEG to the next level. However, existing members will be able to enjoy many of the same benefits and opportunities alongside the new additions.

  • The Community feel – Delivering a challenging, friendly and fun environment
  • Your choice of Individual, Corporate or Premium Memberships
  • Membership costs remain the same as in 2018 and 2019
  • Opportunity to participate in the Best of the North West Survey 2020
  • Corporate and Premium Members can host and present a Special Interest Group
  • Social Media Activity to share your good news and company highlights
  • Access to private LinkedIn Group, with over 1350 members
  • The opportunity to be Conference Sponsors of an event
  • Participate and get involved in the Group as much as you like
Membership Reach

A growing number of business leaders and HR professionals use NWEEG as their go-to source of employee engagement.

Combined Employees

NWEEG Members from the North West’s leading organisations employ 1.2million people combined.

Economic Contribution

NWEEG Members contribute significantly to the UK economy as major employers.

NWEEG is an organisation that relies on its members to help grow and continue the sharing of best practice and engagement knowledge and experience.

Since NWEEG first launched back in 2014 we are proud at the rate our membership has steadily grown and look forward to introducing more new members to the organisation in the future.

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our history

a brief history of nweeg

7 March 2014
The original concept of the Group was to try to find 8-10 people who were interested in employee engagement and to come together in a roundtable setting to discuss best practice and share experiences.
14 March 2014
One week later, the first meeting was held with 28 interested people and we had to remove the table; so we had a roundtable with no table. We knew we were onto something.
2 July 2015
The first full day NWEEG Conference at Preston’s College was held to an audience of 75 delegates.
13 July 2016
The first large NWEEG Conference is held at ASDA’s Head Office in Leeds with over 100 people in attendance.
NWEEG moved to more regular bi-monthly meetings and introduced Special Interest Groups. Over 100 Members joined the Group including some of the North West’s largest employers.
NWEEG memberships doubled in size and the largest full-day Conference & Awards was held at Ribby Hall Village with over 320 delegates in attendance for day’s learnings and evening’s celebrations.
NWEEG launched 9 new, interactive NWEEG NWorkshops and presented 16 NWEEG Awards at the Dunkenhalgh Hotel & Spa to an audience of over 250 professionals. We even had a bucking bronco!
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